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Reading is easiest for me when I am isolated and I have a quiet corner to read. This can be a place like a quiet corner in my bedroom or the basement. I usually read historical fiction books or non-fiction books. I read these books because I find the topics interesting or I’m trying to finish a series. Recently I have been reading books from the Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales series. Reading isn’t really a major interest of mine but I do it for school assignments or to pass time when I don’t have anything else to do. I don’t have a favorite book nor do I have a favorite author. A book I have recently read and can recommend is What Was the Alamo by Meg Belviso from the What Was series.

How do you like to read?

Window or Mirror?

A book I have read recently and enjoyed is, Abandon Ship! By Michael J. Tougier. A mirror book is a book that reflects something you have experienced, a window book is a book that lets you understand an experience.

The book is about the sinking of the Laconia. This book was more of a window for me because I have never been in a shipwreck. I decided to read this book because I am into history and thought it would be a fun read. Often 

I choose window books because it’s hard to really find a historical mirror book.


My Pets

My Pets


I have a dog and six cats. My dog is named Jack. He is a chihuahua-beagle mix. Basically he’s a chihuahua in a beagles body.

Here is a picture of him.

Source: the best boy

He likes to chase things, if it moves, he chases it. If it moves faster, he chases it even faster. He likes to chew on things. He likes ez cheese for some reason and or may not like water. He is 2 years old.

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My oldest cat is Ozzie. He is 12, his Birthday was yesterday. Here is a photo of the man.

 Source: The American association for cats that look like cows

He likes friends and his best friend is my cat Sean. Ozzie likes to sleep, sleep, eat, and sleep. His rival is my cat Tatienne. His favorite place to be is the closet because he has hiding places and some cozy beds.

(This photo has been edited to make the feline visible)

This is Tatienne, she is around 7 years old. She likes to hide, sleep, eat, and play with toy mice. Her friends are Mary and Sean. Her favorite place to be is the basement garage (it connects to the basement through some doors so it’s accessible to cats)

Source: Seen

This is Sean, he likes to play with Ozzie, Mary, and Tatienne. He is Mary’s twin. He also likes to sleep and is very friendly.

Source: The floof

This is Mary, She likes to play and hide.

Source: BOO, did I scare you?

This is Boo, we found him on Halloween, he is very fluffy and likes to play with Sunny.

Source: Feline Floofs


This is Sunny, she is very shy and is best friends with Boo.

Camp Kirkwood

We went to Camp Kirkwood for a school field trip. The bus ride took two hours and the bus had a TV, however, the TV wasn’t working. I fell asleep for the entire bus ride. When we arrived Hurricane Idalia was going on and we were near it. We had to grab a bag even if it wasn’t ours and run to the pavilion. 

We waited for a while under The pavilion and then we were assigned our cabins. I was in Cabin 6. After we got our stuff in our cabin we had to go to lunch in the dining hall. The food was a mix of ham/turkey and cheese sandwiches. Afterwards we had ecology. During ecology we played a game where we learned about trees and fungi. Lichen is a fungus that eats trees. We learned that root beer is made from Sassafras trees. Then we got to go to the pool. We had to take a swimming test where we did freestyle across the pool. If we didn’t do the swimming test then we got a green band and had to wear a life jacket. If we did the swimming test then we got a blue band and got to swim normally. There were these rubber noodle things that floated and everyone was trying to get on. 

Once pool time was over, we had team building. Team building was in the rain and we had to pass a hula hoop around a circle with only our bodies. Then we got assigned to groups and we had to lower a hula hoop with our fingers. Then we had spaghetti for dinner and we watched The Lorax and had snow cones. After that we went to sleep.

We had cereal and croissants for breakfast then we played board games. We played Sorry and used glow sticks. Once we were done with the board games we played soccer. Then we had more ecology. After that we had hotdogs for lunch and went to the pool. After the pool we went on the V swing. The V swing is a bunch of pulleys that lift you up in the air, then you pull on a rope and you swing around really fast and high in the air. I went on it and i went all the way to the top, when I pulled the green rope I flew everywhere.

We had BBQ chicken for dinner then went on a night hike and toasted marshmallows. The next day we did gaga and met Bubbles the pig. Then we went on canoes and played games. Then we went on a zip line. We had pizza for lunch and then left.

On the bus ride back the movie didn’t work and only the sound worked. I fell asleep until we got back. I generally didn’t like the trip since I don’t like sleep away camps but other people had fun.